Coronavirus – Lets get through this together

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In a time of unparalleled global uncertainty there is so much we cannot control. What we can control is our response. Let’s keep it in perspective and focus on what we can do.

My care and support has not and will not change. How I care for you may change – for the time being.

Coronavirus COVID-19

Many of you are aware I have made the decision to delay my next visit to Sydney due to needing to travel through an airport to work. But it is business as usual here on the Gold Coast.

I am opening up complementary 15 minute phone consultations for current clients and prospective clients to help them navigate through this unprecedented challenge. This will include prescription of practitioner only products (for current clients) if necessary with home delivery. 

Gold Coast clients I have implemented more stringent hygiene measures for attendance in clinic and are offering home visits for over 60’s and immunocompromised clients.

In the mean time lets…

Get the Facts

There is so many news article, social media content and face to face conversations centring around COVID-19. To help discern what are facts make your primary source of updates the World Health Organization. Locally the Department of Health website has updates on the current case numbers and details on the Australian Governments management strategy.

The three main suggestions have been

  • Wash your hands well and often with soap and water. When soap and water and not available then use alcohol based hand sanitiser. I found a few effective recipes for hand sanitiser proved by WHO. Most Jaycar and Bunnings stores still stock isopropyl alcohol. Aloe vera gel you can purchase at supermarkets and chemists.
  • Social distancing by staying at home if you are unwell, avoiding public gatherings, minimising physical contact, keep a distance of 1.5m between you and other people.
  • Social isolation when you have either been confirmed to have contracted COVID-19 or been in close contact with someone who has been confirmed infected with COVID-19.

CONVID-19 is a new virus, we are just learning about it and our body’s response. We know you are at higher risk of complications if you are

  • Over the age of 60
  • Have a pre-existing medical condition such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, chronic respiratory illness
  • Are immunocompromised
Happy seniors/couple enjoying active healthy lifestyle

Goes without saying if you are in a higher risk group or have regular close contact with people in higher risk groups that you consider taking extra precautions.

We know COVID-19 is fragile. UV, alcohol and heat destroy the virus. Currently there are no medications or vaccinations that prevent or treat the virus. 

Prevention is far better than cure although the reality is that most of us will encounter the virus in future. Until we build up immunity in our community it is important that we all take this seriously. Yes there is a huge economic impact of social isolation and distancing but the burden on our medical system will be enormous if we do not make a serious effort to curb the infection rate. 

I have compiled a few more tips after extensive research and consultation with other health professionals.

Stress – the hidden viral advocate

Simply put the stress hormone cortisol suppresses your body’s viral fighting capacity. Put as much energy into what is going on in your mind as what you put in your body or do with it.

Getting out into the sunshine and being still can help manage stress

You could even look at this challenging time as an opportunity. When you have disruption to your comfortable routines and perceived certainties the brain goes into a neuroplastic state. Your mind is literally changing whether you want it to or not. Make the conscious choice how the mind reshapes. If you can observe that you have been triggered into your primal fear/survival response bring your attention back to the present moment. By doing this remarkable changes occur in your nervous system. Lifetime programs of stress literally rewrite themselves.

There are online resources that can help facilitate this process which may be a nice way to spend time in isolation.

Emotional Freedom Technique
I really like this technique. I utilise a similar therapy in clinic to greatly diminish perception of pain and the body’s adaptation to pain in the body. It works a treat. EFT requires you to acknowledge feel the discomfort while tapping some meridian points on the face and body. The vital second step is to then step in and be the observer of the pain. Then drop into the current moment and find any fraction of yourself that is actually ok. Or I like to put it “I am open to the possibility that right now I am ok.” There is a local Sydney practitioner who I really like whom I am fairly certain is doing one

Although HeartMath uses a heart rate variability monitor the principles are readily available and easy to apply without the biofeedback. A specific article on reducing fear and anxiety due to the Coronavirus outbreak can be found here.

Daily reminders that I personally use
Bondi Guru
Amir Zoghi
Jo Dispenza


Quality sleep is imperative for the immune system to attack viruses and then mop up the damage. If you are not getting sufficient quality sleep then do not overlook this vital aspect of your health.

Sleep peacefully and restfully
  • Practice good sleep hygiene.
  • If you are stressed or unwell you may require more sleep. Make it a priority.
  • Snoring and grinding/clenching your teeth in your sleep is NOT normal. They may be signs of sleep disordered breathing or other hormonal disruption of sleep. Seek medical advice. This may be one reason you make use of your complementary phone call with me.

Move your body

Keep moving. Movement is highly beneficial for stimulating your lymphatic system and immune cell production, ventilating your lungs, raises your body temperature which may help keep bug populations in check, improving your state of mind.

Exercise thoughtfully

You may want to trade your F45 for an online yoga class or a bike ride.

There is a formula for finding your max heart rate before exercise becomes a stress and subsequent immunosuppressant. Basically, if you can’t talk at the same time as exercising then you are going too hard.


Although there is a decreasing amount of food readily available on our shelves make an effort to eat fresh, in season, organically grown meat, fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. If you can tolerate it ancient grains, legumes and pulses in moderation. I particular like brown basmati rice. Broth is an excellent staple to maintain gut health. Much of our immune system relies on a healthy gut. Make sure you balance whatever you take with less processed food, sugar, alcohol, caffeine.

Eat purposefully

I am careful here to separate out what is scientifically validated specifically for COVID-19, what is likely to help based on similar viruses and what are some low risk additions. This is general advice. Please either contact me for further advice or one of my recommended naturopaths.

There is an immune chemical called secretary IGA that is responsible for preventing viruses getting through the lining of your respiratory system into your body. Anything that increases IGA will directly improve your chances of not contracting the virus.

  • Vitamin D will increase secretary IGA levels. Exercise in the sun, socialise in the sun, study, work, eat. Get yourself short bursts of sun a couple of times a day. As UV kills COVID-19 I really like the idea of spending more time outdoors. There are some suggestions that soap used on exposed skin may decrease the absorption of sunlight vitamin D into the body. A balance between hygiene and excessive use of soap is worth considering. Failing that, eat small oily fish and eggs or supplement.

The following are not specifically researched for COVID-19 but there are reports are effective.

  • Vitamin C and zinc are good nutrients to either consume in higher amounts in your diet or supplement. Your immune system uses a lot of zinc and Vitamin C to fight off viruses. So either replenish your supplies preemptively or have it on hand for an increase in demand if you do get sick. Vitamin C is high in berries, kiwi fruit, citrus fruits, broccoli, capsicum. Zinc unfortunately is depleted in our soils and thus in our foods but can be found in red meat, shell fish, legumes, seeds (hemp, pumpkin, sesame seeds), nuts (cashew).
  • Cordyceps are a type of mushroom. There is growing evidence that cordyceps boost’s your immune system’s ability to prevent and fight infection.
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) is another lesser known supplement. It has many roles in the body but one of them is to break up mucous which is particularly important in reducing the risk of complications if you happen to contract COVID-19.
  • Glutathione and glutathione increasing factors increase white blood cell count amongst and is an antioxidant other things. It’s basically the super hero of maintaining the cells of the body.
  • Elderberry is a gentle go to for improving your immune system’s ability to prevent and fight colds and flus. It is safe for children to take as prevention throughout this challenging period.

All supplementation should be done under the care of a trained professional especially if you have a preexisting condition, are pregnant or breastfeeding. I am trained to a certain extent but utilise the naturopathic contacts below. This is a perfect time to take the load of your GP and keep away from medical centres!

Get adjusted

Self care is paramount and prevention is better than cure. I believe Chiropractic care is a valuable addition to your home care when it comes to maintaining the overall health of your body. For immune system in particular I utilise

  • Gentle techniques from Applied Kinesiology such as stimulation of Chapman reflex, set point and injury recall technique
  • Lymphatic massage
  • Therapies that aim to enhance spleen, thymus, lung and digestive function.
  • Therapies that aim to restore balance to the hypothalamus pituitary axis (HPA).
  • Therapies that aim to improve the quality of your sleep.
  • Regular osseous and soft tissue adjustments that help you be more comfortable in times of illness and get you back doing the things you love quicker.

Sydney Clients

I am taking bookings via email. I will be returning as soon as I can safely. If you require referral to a local Chiropractor my preferred practitioners are listed below. Take advantage of a 15 minute complementary phone consultation on offer to discuss the points in this post or any other health matter.

Gold Coast Clients

I am taking bookings as per usual with some minor alterations to systems and procedures.

  • If you have a fever, cough or shortness of breath with fatigue contact the Coronavirus Health Information Line or call your local general practitioner clinic.
  • A reminder that if you are self isolating this disqualifies you from receiving Chiropractic Care for that period of time. I highly recommend you get adjusted as soon as that period has finished.
  • If you think you may be unwell in any way and you have an appointment with me please call ahead. I may still see you but may do a home visit instead.
  • Use hand sanitiser provided at the beginning and completion of your visit.
  • Bring your own water and visit the toilet before you arrive.
  • Arrive on time or stay in your car until previous patient has left.
  • Do not bring friends or relatives unless they are essential for care.
  • Please pay via bank transfer or PayPass. 
  • I have put in place increased hygiene measures according recommendations by Department of Health

Recommended practitioners

Wendy Cole
Jackie Castell
Trent Banks
Alex Nafari
Terry Coulits

Emily Rose Yates
Tracie Lynn
Gold Coast
Kimballe Robyzen

Brook Canning and Nicola Marishel
Simone Brien
Gold Coast
Naomi Jansson

Online concealing including EFT guidance
The Inner Shine Clinic

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