Professional Recommendations

As a Doctor that looks at each of my patient's health journey as a whole -  it's not uncommon that the route to better health would best be served with added or different therapies beyond what I offer.  

As such, it’s very important for me (and my patients), that I have strong relationships with a wide network of Health Practitioners that I know and trust.

This way, we can make sure that our shared patients get the best multi-disciplinary individualised health care available.

Below you will find a selection of Professional recommendations from some of this network.

Christina Waite

Personal Trainer Pilates Intsructor

"Zoe is incredibly passionate about her work. When I send a Personal Training or Pilates client of mine to Zoe, her unique ability to see the many layers of a person that contribute to injury, pain and dysfunctional movement brings people towards their fullest potential. I particularly appreciate Zoe’s ability to explain injury in a way that helps people take responsibility for their health and thus improve more quickly."

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Emily Rose Yates

Emily Rose Yates


"Zoe is one of my families key health care providers. She has treated myself through pregnancy with great relief and I have trusted Zoe deeply with my newborn babies and there overall care.

Zoe has an open heart, a dedication and respect for each and every patients spiritual growth and extensive knowledge of the human body.

Zoe is my go to when..."  

Naomi Jansson

Chinese Medicine Doctor, Acupuncturist and Registered Nurse

“I have had the privilege of working with Zoe to co-facillitate optimum outcomes for clients.  It has been a great opportunity to work with clients in particular pregnancy, children and babies.   I always look forward to watching the improvements in this type of integrative care and really enjoy working with Zoe as a professional with an amazing depth of knowledge and experiential practice!”  

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Naomi Jansson


Steve Hogg

Bike Fitter

"I'm a bike fitter and many on bike problems have origins in off the bike dysfunction. I've been referring clients to Zoe for more than 10 years.  I continue to be impressed with Zoe's holistic, caring and effective treatment of a wide range of physical and emotional issues, as are the people I refer to her."

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Jodi Hart


"Zoe and I have mutually referred clients between our practices for the past three years. I am a general dentist in a practice providing orthodontics and orthopaedics and treatment options for snoring, sleep apnoea and TMD. Zoe's detailed understanding of dental malocclusion, its origin and its effect on whole body function enable her to identify those patients who will benefit from dental treatment in conjunction with chiropractic treatment. The patients Zoe refers to us arrive already educated in the importance of airway, nasal breathing and ideal oral function and are motivated to treat their dental condition as part of a holistic health care plan."

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Brook Canning

Fertility Acupuncturist

"I am an Acupuncturist and have been working in women’s health for fifteen years. I came to hear about Zoe though my own patients who had so many excellent things to say about her. I was compelled to seek  her out and establish a relationship. Many of my patients are pregnant, seeking fertility treatment or have young families, all areas in which Zoe excels. I find her treatment really compliments my own and I trust her to care for my patients in the same way that I do myself."

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Michael James

Personal Trainer

"I have known Dr Zoe James professionally for 5 years now, after meeting late in 2010. As the owner of a new personal training business in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, I was extremely keen to meet with allied health professionals who had similar movement and wellness philosophies as myself, and Zoe came very highly spoken about through several personal trainer colleagues of mine.

What struck me early on was how Zoe was able to build rapport very quickly.."